At Devon Defence Solicitors and Advocates we offer criminal expertise borne out of many years of the Partners working exclusively in a criminal defence environment.

All representation at an interview under caution at a Police Station, or when a Police officer attends for an interview under caution away from the Police Station is free of charge whether you are in custody or attending voluntarily. There is no means test for such representation.

Representation for interviews under caution where the Police are not involved (such as a Department of Work and Pensions fraud enquiry or a Health and Safety Executive enquiry). Legal Aid may be available for such matters subject to means but if legal aid is not available you will be offered a fixed fee for such representation.

Fully representing you in the Magistrates Court, the Youth Court, the Crown Court and the Court of Appeal. This includes representing you and advising you as to the strengths and weaknesses of the case presented against you and preparing your case so that your interests are expertly protected. This may include applying for bail, if you appear in Court in custody,

preparing your case for trial, preparing a detailed and comprehensive plea of mitigation (including a written Basis of Plea) where there is to be a guilty plea and preparing Notice of Appeal against Sentence and/or Conviction.

Legal Aid may be available subject to the Legal Aid Agency applying an interests of justice test and also a means test. This may mean the Legal Aid Agency determine a contribution that you will have to pay towards the cost of your representation in cases in the Crown Court and the Court of Appeal.

If Legal Aid is not available or the level of assessed contribution is such that it is prohibitively expensive the Partners will seek to come to an alternative private fee paying arrangement with you. In some cases the Court may appoint us to cross examine Prosecution Witnesses and our fees for such work will be paid for from Central Funds.

In Motoring Offence cases where Legal Aid is not available we offer a fixed fee service. Please click on the button below to view our terms and conditions.